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Blog FAQs and Principles

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Utterly Random Techie?

Utterly Random Techie is a tech blog that focuses on helping YOU get your next gadget and how you can use it!
I do reviews, how-tos, news, and passionate opinions about the latest gadgets and tech topics.
I am an Apple fan by heart, but I am always open to the (ever-expanding) wide world of technology.

Who is behind this blog?

Hi! It’s me, Jullian Robin Sibi.


This guy is a 25-year old software engineer dude who loves two things: tech and coffee.
He first made this award-winning tech blog you’re reading right now since tech made him who he is today.
On January 1, 2018, he decided to make a new blog dedicated to coffee: CoffeeSugbo! (Check it out!)

I need gadget advice or help with using a gadget. Where can I reach you?

If you need on-demand help with your gadgets, just reach me on Messenger:


Scan this in the Messenger app! Click to find out how.

I want to promote a product or a service here in your blog. How do I do that?

You can reach me through email at or message me through Messenger.


I have my own biases in my opinion pieces.

Sorry if I tend to love a brand more than the other. The reason for that is I have experienced using stuff that breaks easily or was unsatisfied by the service provider of the product. I try my best to just use constructive criticism, but I don’t hold back if it’s really bad.

I usually own the products I review.

This is something that I wanted to put out there. Most tech sites actually get review units so that they can make reviews. I actually don’t have that privilege (yet). Since my budget is still limited (due to just having a full-time job), I only buy products that I know are worth it. Until a big thing happens, this one won’t change.

All links to Lazada are affiliate links.

Thanks to the previous principle, I find ways to earn extra through my blog. One way is through Lazada affiliate links. It would be nice if you click on them when you plan to buy something. I’m just letting you know this fact so that you wouldn’t be surprised if I post so many Lazada promotions here. (By the way, Lazada itself wouldn’t be possible without the internet anyways so it counts as tech in my book.)

Don’t make me give a good review when the product isn’t any good at all.

PLEASE. Just don’t.

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